The Loverboy-Method is a form of human trafficing for the sexual exploitation of girls and young women.

Definition Loverboys

Loverboys are generally young men, that simulate a love relationship with girls or young woman, make them emotionally dependent in order to lead them into prostitution and sexually exploit them.

Loverboys organise the meetings with the johns/punters in private appartments, hotels or bordellos.

They control the girl or young woman and collect the money, often in the pretext of saving it for their future together.

Who are the girls and young women affected by Loverboy-Methods?

The Loverboy phenomena crosses all social classes. Girls and young women that become victims of Loverboys often have low self-esteem and/or a negative self-image. It could be that they have problems in the school, at their training place or with their parents. Others are in a transition period between school and occupation and are uncertain of their future perspectives.

There is no norm for the victims or potential victims, but there are conspicuous signs to notice that may indicate that a girl or young woman has contact with a Loverboy.

Who are the perpetrators of the Loverboy-Method?

Perpetrators are primarily young men. It can be that the young man adapts his age to fit the victims age group. It’s also possible, that the Loverboy is active in a criminal milieu. Loverboys contact their victims personally or over social media networks and dating Apps. Loverboys work alone. Sometimes they work together with other men. Loverboys maybe exploiting more than one victim at the same time.